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Be the change awards

We aim to provide you with the best quality lollies made to the highest ethical standards.

  • The juciest and most seasonal fresh fruit goes into our pops so you get the benefit of all the vitamins and fibre.
  • The majority of our pops are made with unrefined sugars or plant sugars like organic agave syrup. We always offer no added sugar options and can wip up some great creations with Xylitol which is a natural no calorie sweetener suitable for diabetics.
  • Our ‘petit pops’ are really popular with parents who prefer to give their kids a smaller treat, great for foodies trying lots of foods and the perfect aperitif size in poptails.
  • Our lollies are completely vegan and no animal products are used in our supply chain.
  • We use Fairtrade and organic ingredients wherever possible as it is a really easy way to help people work their way to a better standard of living. I have a lot of experience working with Fairtrade products and producer organisations and it is a highly audited scheme which you can be confident really empowers growers.
  • Packaging can create a huge amount of waste. So we have gone to great lengths to source biodegradable packaging. But we have to stick a label on the pre-pack product so you will need to chop this bit off it putting in home compost.
  • Our bicycles are upcycled at Recycle in Swansea.
  • In 2018 we started piloting training workshops for refugees in Swansea. You might find some of the lollies they made in shops around Swansea.
  • 2019 Finalists in the Ethical Impact Awards by #EthicalHour  read more in our blog here
  • 2020 Donated boxes of ice lollies to hospitals, ambulance and care homes during Covid-19

But we always want to improve so let us know if you have a great solar powered or eco idea.