Privacy Policy

Pop Cycle is a sole trader business owned and managed by Elizabeth Hudson.

What data do we record?

We collect contact data from you when you enter into correspondence with us such as:

email address, telephone number and where appropriate address.

Whose data do we keep records of?

  • customers
  • supporters
  • suppliers
  • intermediaries or organisations
  • employees, volunteers or trainees

What correspondence do we keep records of?

Your correspondence with us may be retained including emails, phone messages, social media messages, letter or details taken at events.

Why do we record data?

Data for clients or enquiries will be stored to enable communication and invoicing, to enable our service delivery.

Data for supporters, companies, suppliers and intermediaries appropriate to the relationship is stored to enable communication and future collaboration.

In the future we may offer opt in marketing information about new products and services.

How will your data be stored?

We will record your contact details including email address, telephone number and address where appropriate on our secure email, telephone or records.

How long will your data be kept for?

For accounting purposes data will be kept for a minimum of 2 years.

Access to your data

It is your right to request to see our records, please get in touch to do so.

Request to end communication

It is your right to request to end communication from us or ‘opt out’ of updates, where this may affect service delivery we will let you know. Please let us know by emailing

Data breaches

In case of any data security breaches we will notify the ICO within 24 hours.

News and marketing

We require your consent to opt in to receive a newsletter or marketing updates from us.  To opt out please let us know.


This policy conforms with the GDPR to the best of our knowledge and may be amended.

The person responsible for Data Protection is Elizabeth Hudson.

You can contact us about this policy at

Date of issue: 23/05/2018