Pop Box

contact hello@popcycle.uk or message 07906958875 to check availability

Pack of Pop Cycle pops for home

Packs of lollies bursting with fruit, fibre, flavour and fairtrade ingredients. 100% vegan and in compostable packs.

Delivered to your door in Swansea.

Box of 8 mini pops £12 including delivery to the Swansea area – Friday delivery currently.

Each box contains 4 famous fruit pops like Strawberry Smacker, 2 seasonal fruit pops and 2 desserty style pops like Mint Choc Block or Fruits of the Forest dipped in choc.

Allergens – your box will be labelled with all ingredients. Nuts are used in our kitchen and some recipes contain soya and nuts. Please let us know if you have any allergens so we exclude these pops from the box.